Mercy Scouts International Are Coming to Charnwood 2016

You will find the Mercy Scouts International Charity in the International Tent area. You will have the opportunity to find out more about the various charitable projects they are working on and in the evenings you can learn how to make their bracelets or give a donation for one.

Mercy Scouts works in Uganda directly with scout groups and local villages to change lives, empower youths/scouts and build communities through our activities. They tell us that

“One of our projects is the “Scouts Stop Malaria” project which fights to reduce the burden of malaria through our activities. They are divided into three elements;
– Education
– Data Collection
– Free Mosquito Net Distribution
This is done in relation to the scouts principles to which we adhere: Duty to self, duty to God and duty to others. As scouts, we cannot stay insensitive to the fact that Malaria is the biggest killer of children under five year who account for nearly 90 percent of all malaria deaths. It is estimated that a child dies every 45 seconds from the disease. Malaria is also a stronger force causing discourages and maternal health problems in Africa and particularly Uganda.

Together, we can fight malaria and change the lives of others who cannot afford to buy a treated mosquito net. We are trying to reach the goal of 5000 nets and every little helps. If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in bed with a mosquito. Sleeping under a treated mosquito net can reduce the incidence of malaria by up to 90%. That is enormous, and the effect of hanging an insecticide-treated mosquito net can reduce the number of infective mosquitoes in a 300 meter radius around where the net is hung.“


Join us in this struggle and be part of those making this world a better place. Donate a mosquito net and save a life. A very small amount of money goes a long way.

YOU could donate £2.50 for a bracelet

Enough for one mosquito net

YOU will have saved a life

Could your unit help? Could your local Beaver, Cub, Rainbow or Brownie unit help?

To Find out more about Mercy Scouts International find them on Facebook

mercyor go to
 contact [email protected]wristbands