Mercy Scouts Fundraising Champions

We couldn’t operate without wonderful friends, scouts and guides doing wonderful things for Mercy scouts international. If you are in need of some fundraising inspiration, then discover what some of our previous fundraising champions have achieved, and the weird and wonderful ways they did it. Champions you are simply the best.


Tony and John came up with yet another idea with some of my scouts who are skilled in crafts to design scout wristbands which we hope to offer to scouts groups/ friends and families for any fee they may be willing to donate in support of the SCOUTS STOP MALARIA Project and SCOUTS RESTORE SIGHT Project. When we worked out all what it takes to craft the wristbands, it would be four euros per wristband and we plan to use the proceeds to support the projects in buying insecticide treated mosquito nets and eye wear (Glasses).

As a short term goal, with each wristband sold, we save enough to purchase one insecticide treated mosquito or one pair of eye wear (Glasses) thus saving a life of a child or restoring sight of one person.

One fantastic thing about this project is how good it feels to bring something very concrete and life changing to the rural communities with so little resources; not to mention the incredible gratification of seeing the children in villages using the mosquito nets, people with sight problems being able to read again and see their loved ones.
However what we achieve depends on the funds we manage to raise. Scouts Stop Malaria / Scouts Restore Sight means scouts action and responsibility and we all bear that burden.’ So do not turn your back, your wristbands orders or kind donations are a backbone to our cause.